5 Steps to more Flow and Focus

From stress, excessive demands and distraction to a new clarity, joie de vivre and serenity.

Patrick Thiele is the mental coach of the world champions and Olympic champions and is known from.

Coach and Trainer, Patrick

I have always been fascinated by extraordinary goals and achievements.

Ever since I can remember, I have never been satisfied with mediocrity. I always wanted to achieve more. I always felt that there was still so much potential hidden within me. 

That hasn’t changed to this day, but I’ve now understood that it’s not always just about higher, faster and further. 

Carl Jung once said: „A tree that wants to grow to heaven needs roots to hell.“

Like so many high achievers, I didn’t have these roots for a long time.

My own expectations combined with the stress and pressure of being a coach, trainer and founder wore me down. Not to mention that my personal life suffered time and time again.

I was successful, but not fulfilled, truly happy and balanced.

It wasn’t until I started prioritizing my inner work that both my business and my life reached a whole new level.

I live in the most beautiful places in the world, have a wonderful wife by my side, am a new family man, have built a real tribe of friends around me and am currently training for my next ultramarathon.

And all this without neglecting my work.

Quite the opposite…

In recent years, my clients have excelled in sport and business. They have won national and even Olympic titles. They have led global teams of more than 70 people and conquered new markets with their companies. And all this with ease, in flow and without the feeling of sacrificing themselves.

I know how this works.🥇

And the best thing is: it’s also possible for YOU.


Why am I giving you this valuable content that has not only changed my life, but that of countless other people? I believe that everyone should have a deeper understanding of their own mental and emotional processes. Only then can you really change your life in a positive way and do your part to make the world a better place.


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Start – Mental Clarity

  • The most important mental trait for well-being, focus and peak performance
  • Why you keep experiencing stress, distractions and resistance
  • How to dissolve 99% of your distractions with one mental skill
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Day 2 – Strategical Insights

  • Why you have needed your distractions and difficulties so far
  • How you create your own reality
  • What role your inner critic plays in your challenges
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Day 3 – Resilience & adaptability

  • The inner turning point: creating space for change
  • Why you need more mental flexibility
  • A thought that immediately gives you more serenity
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Day 4 – Transfomational Change

  • Think and act differently – your new life with flow and focus
  • Why the right amount of control makes the difference every day
  • How mental training helps you to consolidate your desired state
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Day 5 – Effortless Action

  • From knowledge to wisdom: applying and implementing
  • The biggest mistake that could be holding you back right now
  • How to create more flow & focus every day
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